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Weston Properties, LLC operates primarily as a “single agency” real estate brokerage, representing the buyer from start to finish of the transaction, and beyond that point as well. 

Single agency would best be compared to an attorney representing the client. We are in your corner, representing you and your best interests.  The State of Florida describes and requires the following duties of single agency: 

  • Dealing fairly and honestly;
  • Loyalty;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Obedience;
  • Full and complete disclosure;
  • Accounting for all funds and fees;
  • Skill, care, and diligence in the transaction
  • Conducting all related business in a timely manner
  • Disclosing all known facts that may materially affect the value of the real property, which may or may not be readily known or observable to the buyer.

Most real estate agents and brokerages in Florida function are transaction agents.  They represent neither the seller nor the buyer in a transaction, but function as a third party representing the “transaction” only.  They want the sale to happen and their job is to facilitate only.  They cannot, by law, negotiate for you, tell you if a property is overpriced, write a contract to purchase favorable to you; their only function is to put a seller and buyer together and hope for the best. 

As to you question of “how are we compensated?” each transaction is typically based on a commission which is based on a percentage of the selling price.  That commission, or fee, is determined at the time of an owner listing their property for sale.  Real estate agents are members of an organization called the National Association of Realtors which basically allows for agents to perform their tasks with certain guidelines.  For example, should a property sell for $100,000 and the commission is listed at 6%, the title company will pay the agent when the sale is complete. 

The Realtor’s Association guidelines allow for the commission to be split equally between the agents involved in the transaction, thus allowing for me to legally and justly represent you, the buyer.  Furthermore a transaction agent that has a property listed for sale would try their best to show and sell their own listings, thereby receiving all the commission determined for the sale. 

As Weston Properties LLC opened their company back in the late nineties, the aspect of single agency was almost non-existent due to the extreme amount of perceived liability.  Larger offices and companies offer most of the time transactional agency which represents no one.

Weston Properties, LLC does not require clients to enter into a contractual agreement to perform its duties.  We are traditional in believing that business can still be done with the nod of the head and a handshake.  Old fashioned as it may seem, we work hard for your respect and your business.  Repeat customers and referrals are the greatest compliments we can receive.

I am looking forward working with you!

Myriam Reulen